Better Transport for North Lambeth

The costs of the Northern Line Extension to Battersea are spiraling out of control.

We are deeply concerned about the effect that this will have on planned improvements to the area as public money will now need to be spent on the project. This will mean less money being available for affordable housing, parks, and vital transport and infrastructure improvements.

There are other issues with the scheme too, such as the huge amount of extra people that will be put on an already overcrowded Northern Line and the disruption to residents during construction if these plans go forward.

We are calling for a proper evaluation of transport needs in North Lambeth and a reassessment of all of the transport options in the Vauxhall and Nine Elms Opportunity Area to establish whether there is a better solution which will improve transport for current and future residents in our area.

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I have proposed a Crossrail 3 concept that involves re-using the Aldwych Branch and providing a means to uprate the Waterloo & City Line’s capacity at Stage 1. The Aldwych Branch becomes part of the Kingsway line which extends north to reach Eversholt St alongside Euston Station. The Watford DC lines also are diverted by tunnel into the same station, and through operation of tube trains is suggested.

I have asked at London Reconnections whether this concept would provide a superior tube-based platform for incorporation of services to the Battersea/Nine Elms redevelopment area.


DW down under
signed 2013-02-03 23:05:07 +0000
I was involved in initial “consultations” years ago and they have come to naught. the lack of cooperation between Lambeth and Wandsworth are a big part of the problem and a lack of Mayoral/City Hall leadership and indeed our MP’s. The ideas of a tram was still born, the linear Park is a definitive lie and public spaces are in fact private! But importantly money from planning gain that could be used to improve the public realm, environment, schools, health and housing is being wasted on this vanity project. A great shame!
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Try living alongside these monstrosities, with their exclusive access to daylight and their gated communities, robbing us of our amenities. The tube lines are already overcrowded and an extension will simply mean more of the same. Cyclists are killed regularly on the streets and surely Section 106 money is meant for the communities that the developers are disrupting? How can they call this ‘Planning?’
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The scheme as currently proposed seems to have numerous benefits for Wandsworth and few for Lambeth.
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This extension needs a proper evaluation of costs and transport options. So far way too inadequate.
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